Live the Dream's rock show

Robert Sunga's performance has just ended. All I can say is.....

He gave the best solo performance of the night!
I was so excited that I immediately voted for him even before the line was opened! So atat!

The 3 stooges (l-r: Andrea Fonseka, Utt, & Michelle Chia) teased him about his goatee! BTW, do you notice how tall Andrea is? Utt and Michelle look like midgets when they stand next to her!

Robert sang Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe". I tried to note all the comments from judges:
* Dick Lee: "...Best performance of the night..."
* Guest judge John (was not able to get his complete name, he said he's half-Filipino): "...Great singer... Consistent...Performance was neat/great..."
* Ken Lim: "...Someone that's a perfect backup..." However, he received boos from the audience after this so he insisted that it was a compliment! Duh? "...You're still very forgettable... Too cover-version like...Need to have an identity..."

Definitely he has a great voice and I hope next time, the "Mariah Carey singing" will be limited especially if it does not really fit the song. I guess he just tried to put his own touch. So give kudos to him for this effort. Actually, very few people, especially males, can sing in whistle register. So this is really really an ASSET and I think it must be limited. Listening to Mariah's high-pitched shrieks is enough to explode anyone's eardrums!


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