What do you think of Robert's singing?

Finally, I discovered a video of Robert Sunga in Live the Dream

What do you think guys? Do you think he has what it takes to be the winner?

Do you have any compliments or advice for him? Post a comment, c'mon... don't be shy...

What is it I hear? You want me to comment? Robert, is it ok? Send me an email to pinoyexpatsreddot@gmail.com.

I can give compliments, thaaaaaat's very eazeeee.

To give an advice, which I think is more valuable to Robert, yes I also can do..... because Robert, we want you to win.
I know I'm no expert, unlike Babes Conde, but a few advice will help.... especially from a frank person like me


  1. oh yah, im watching Robert Sunga and im very proud of him. last week i thought he will be outcoz i thought they wud choose the singaporean instead of filipino.Atleast now im very happy that singaporean see who can really sing well. So, all i can say is GO ROBERT SUNGA! hahaha.

  2. Yeah, definitely, he CAN sing. I think he should keep in mind na most of the voters ay syempre locals and knowing Singaporeans, mga teenagers lang naman talaga (mostly ha) ang magtya-tyaga manood ng "Live the Dream". So I think, he should sing newer songs. He should choose an image then select songs based sa image na napili nya.

  3. Robert Sunga is from Bulacan and I'm very proud of it... (im from Bulacan) 19th Sept, i sent 15 sms's to vote for Robert Sunga.On his next performances i am gonna send more sms's.
    GO RoBert Sunga GO.....