Human Trafficking of Filipinos

 According to last night's TV news, Philippine Embassy has claimed that human trafficking of Filipinos is at all-time high in Singapore.

It said the modus operandi was to attract women through promises of legitimate jobs in the services sector. But on reaching Singapore, they had ended up working in pubs and having to pay back a few thousand dollars to their handlers. The report said they got the money through sexual services to customers or commissions from alcoholic drinks.

However according Singapore's Home Affairs Ministry, there was no increase in the number of trafficking cases reported to the Police. The ministry added that it has a 3-pronged approach to combat the problem. These include prevention with tight border checks, enforcement action to protect women and help for the victims.

The Philippine embassy attributed the reported rise in human trafficking cases to four main factors: Budget airlines which have lowered the cost of travel, a network of illegal recruiters and syndicates, the large number of nighspots in Singapore's red light districts fuelling the demand for Filipino women, and poverty and joblessness in the Philippines.

To read full story, visit TODAY online.


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  2. i think this is a serious problem. that's why immigration in phils. now has become stricter when woman is a a traveller..

  3. my friend is a local who recently patronize going to pubs.. they go for cheap fun and sad to say that men go for filipina women in pubs(who are only on visit pass and go back and forth) because they are cheap and they are quite stupid because they can go with customers outside to do side jobs..(like you know what) sometimes it's free when they actually like the guy.. i

    I find these people pathetic but we can't blame them as for them they are consumers and they want to get more from what they can spend.. (stupid girls bite their bates).. they allow men to kiss,touch and suck their boobs for a few dollars or just drinks for fun. they even go below the belt! down there!

    im honestly disgusted with these women making easy money and giving bad and terrible image of a Filipina! As much as i try to understand these women, i just cant find a space in my heart to pitty them because of poverty back home.. for me it's a matter of choice and decency of earning a living! they chose to live easy fun selling their looks and bodies!

    I raise my hands to our domestic helpers as they do hard jobs serving other families for the good of their families in the Phils.

    on the otherhand,these young women who wants easy money, selling body or do hanky panky for easy pay .. i really hope they get sick or caught by Law so they learn their lessons! there are a lot of Filipina women working in pubs in different locations in Singapore. .. this is frustrating because eventhough how hard we try to build a good image for our women, if these GRO/whores can't control their itch..those Filipinas that are working decently with stress and hardship will one way or another experience discrimination as some men will think and act as if they are easy and stupid like these pub girls!

    i really hate these whores! this must be stopped! we are building a community in Singapore! Lift up our image and be more competitive in other ways..not in giving joy with every men and hook up with them for money!

    You! Filipina! Wake up!
    Easy money huh? what are you doing here.. stay in the Philippines if you can't stop doing disgusting things and dont ruin and add more to degrade our country! itchy for easy money.. what a shame! get a decent job!

    Our community in Singapore is getting bigger! help to build a good image not suck up to singaporean men for their money!

    shameless! Filipinos are way better than that! we are talented and skillful.. use your abilities not bodies!

  4. a women's body is her ability. pinoy or not.