Burger King investigates post about a Filipino manager

An internet post on Jan-8 lashed out at a Filipino shift manager at one of Burger King's outlets at Tampines North Community Club. 

Burger King Singapore felt there was a need to clear its name when the post went viral.

The post was about out a Filipino shift manager who alledgedly, showed his unhappiness when a crew member asked for leave to go for reservist mobilisation.

The post claims that the outlet manager made a comment to the effect of “it’s troublesome to employ male Singaporeans and … it’s best not to employ them” when one of his staff  had to leave early due to the mobilization.

In a statement released on its Facebook, Burger King Singapore said that it has ”Screened through all BK staff on duty during the said date (7 Jan 2012)” and  ”Interviewed all working staff on duty that day at BK Tampines North CC as well as BK Tampines Mall outlets” and has arrived at the following conclusion:

1. There were no staff on duty that day who were eligible for mobilisation. All staff were either foreigners or Singaporeans who have not reached NS eligibility

2. There was no Filipino manager on duty on the day of the mobilisation. A Singaporean male was the manager on duty instead.

3. When interviewing all staff, none of them recalled that such an incident happened.

4. There was only 1 female part-time staff on duty that day – We have checked with her and she did not recall that such an incident happened.


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