Comments on the Jurado article

After reading all the comments on "Malu's clone...Dumadami sila" and in Slap Happy, I think that some, not all, comments can be summarized into one:
Yes, "new heroes" are noisy...but I'm not one of these "new heroes"
It saddens me because I think talking loudly is a common trait among us. Mapa sa Divisoria or Glorietta, you'll hear Filipinos talking with much gusto, giggling and laughing at the same time. The only difference is, sa Divisoria, you'll hear Tagalog or Bisaya. In Glorietta, of course, English with cono (pronounced conyo) intonation pa.
But, I'm not a hypocrite to not to admit that I get uncomfortable of the noise in Lucky Plaza on Sundays. Yes I do feel uncomfortable but I also DON'T COMPLAIN. It is definitely incorrect to say, directly or indirectly, that this trait is only possessed by "new heroes." How about those conos in Glorietta 4 on Friday gimmick nights?
So when I'm at Lucky Plaza, I don't complain. I just go on and do my errands. I also find the same noise in malls in Singapore so why should I complain sa kapwa ko Filipino? And if I'm in the office and I have colleagues na maiingay, I just put on my ever reliable headset and pump up the volume of my MP3 player. I don't complain because I know that this is Pinoy eh. And I know that definitely, there were also times na ako naman ang naging maingay and people around me were so polite that they did not complain.
As for Jurado, I think his article can be summarized into:

"New heroes" are noisy...but only them, definitely not me and my wife!


  1. imho, as long as wala ka namang nasasaktan, you can be free to express your utmost happiness. just imagine for the whole week of hard work and being entitled of only one day to be happy, stretching your face by laughing your heart out would really mean a lot. even better coz you have other people that can relate with you and share the same feeling. mabuhay ang Pinoy!