Araw ng mga Patay (Day of the Dead)

Posted on: Nov 01, 2007

The Philippine way of celebrating Halloween is unique. It can start a week before Nov-01 as most Pinoys start cleaning graves of their relatives during the last week of Oct. Cleaning includes removing dirt and painting the tombs. On the eve of the Nov-01 (so Oct-31), people go to cemeteries (again) to light candles, bring flowers and meet other relatives who are also there to visit the tombs. This family reunion actually involves food and drinks, and for most Filipinos, are attended not just by the living but also by the dead.

From Oct-26 to Nov-01, Red Dot Pinoys has given you tales about the "other" world and the undead. Thanks to all who have read our posts. Special thanks to those who have commented: Jio, Riza, and Mя Đo™ јuŝт ғøя ғци.

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  1. too bad for me, i wont be able to join this event. im stuck here in manila.