Father Angel Luciano

Rev. Fr Angel Luciano, affectionately known as Father Angel, is the one and only Filipino priest in Singapore. His dedication, kindness and guidance gives us hope especially during this uncertain times. He is the usual "takbuhan" if we face loneliness and hopelessness. His humor especially during homily makes us feel at home again, as if we are back in the Philippines with our family and loved ones. Our Simbang Gabi will not be possible if not for Father. Thanks po! :)

Father Angel Luciano (middle)

Father Angel hold his office at the Church of St. Michael and he is also the Spirtual Director of ACMI (Archdiocesan Commision for the Pastoral Care of Migrants & Itinerant People). He was mentioned in the book "Inhuman Conditions", published on 2006 by author Pheng Cheah.

Attend Father Angel's masses at these times:

Every 1st Saturday
Every 2nd Saturday
Every 2nd Sunday
Every 3rd Sunday
Every 4th Sunday


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  2. thats great. :) atleast, you have someone to keep your faith to god and guide you spiritual life.. godbless.

  3. Is there any way how to have a relationship conseling with Father Angelo Luciano? Please advise... Thanks!

  4. Good morning to all, sabi ng iba father angel Luciano is dedication kindness and at Kung ano pa pinupuri nyo sa kanya. Sa totoo po Hindi sya mabait. Nakita ko na at nakausap ko pa binastos Nya kami mag Ina anak ko Singaporean Ako isang Pilipino.. Dinamay pa Nya anak ko.

  5. Iha mia! this is not the place to make such a comment! you may be over sensitive and no one is perfect exceot God! if you feel na binastos ka marahil you are bastos also, Please give up your trouble heart for the glory of God and give a good example for your son a kind heart and not a hurtful one, feel blessed! no matter

    Singaporean or Pilipino ka man we are in one spirit with the Lord!! Forgive yourself first then work on others! saan man. Pray ka lang at pray mo din ano man ang nasa iyong hurt feelings! Stay close ka sa Mama Mary at spend time ka sa Blessed Sacrament talk to Jesus so you feel better if you keep this hurt feelings inside you, you won't feel at peace! Leave the Pinoy attitude sa Pinas.. nasa iba tayong bansa.

    Do not promote hate.. Love and peace lang..
    God is good and be thankful kayong lahat dahil merong kayong spiritual adviser at priest sa Singpore dapat love Fr Luciano at lagi idasal ang kanyang priestly vocations at how to deal with all of you kasali ka na.
    Love and peace at God bless sa iyo at sa iyon anak.

  6. updated po ba yang mga sched na yan sa taas? lahat po ba yan tagalog mass? thanks!