Filipino IT engineers flocking to Singapore

Another newspaper article about Pinoys in SG. This was in Today newspaper 23-Aug.

It discussed how Philippine software companies are affected by the exodus of IT professionals to Singapore.

There was also an interview of PSIA which stands for Philippines Software Industry Association. As the name implies, it is an organization of software companies in PH.

Article's opening statements:

"THEY flock to Singapore, drawing three times what they are paid in the Philippines. They gain valuable experience here working for multi-national firms, contributing to their country's economy with their remittances to families back home. The downside: Some quit their jobs in a hurry, leaving behind unfinished projects, resulting in unhappy customers and beleaguered employers scrambling to fill the vacuum.

Such is the predicament facing the Philippines' software industry as engineers leave their jobs in haste. The aggressive tactics employed by some Singaporean recruitment agencies have worsened the situation, say members of the industry."

But what's really revolting and make me want to puke is PSIA's @$#*% suggestion of stricter visa restrictions for Pinoy IT engineers in SG!

"The Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA) released a statement last month highlighting the problem, and called for stricter visa restrictions from the Singapore Government to address the issue."
Why suggest this?! Isn't like punishing IT professionals when instead what PSIA should do is ask software companies to provide enough and descent salaries! We, IT professionals, first of all, do not really desire to leave our families and live in a foreign country. We did not expect this to happen to us but due to the meager salaries that we receive in PH, we don't have a choice but work in other countries.

As the article mentioned, we are receiving 3 times more than we receive in PH. Imagine that! That's how low PH salary is!

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  1. PSIA has to realize that it has to follow the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    If the supply of IT professionals "goes down" due to an exodus in the direction of countries that provide higher pay, then they have to simply compete with the higher pay. It's that simple.

    The other countries have such a high demand for IT Professionals which is why they're willing to pay top dollar (or at least higher salaries) to IT Professionals they hire. If the PSIA is trying to say that there really still is a demand to retain IT Professionals, then they should PROVE THAT WE'RE NEEDED by offering higher salaries!

  2. Well if you have been an expats for quite a while now and see and noticed the employment trend in the phil.Schools are turning up good graduates that needs work and experince while the old employess with much much good qualifications plus earn a lot now is on the phase of being dissatiffied not with the job itself but with the monetary and benefits are no longer enough so there goes the other options going out of the country to earn more and do more.I think it just balanced it.Its for PH to maintain the good turn up of Education plus good graduates to balance the equation of people going out of the country and newly grads to fill their old places.That's wht PH wants anyways good brain but being paid less.Make sure they have good trainers around.

  3. It goes to show that either the software companies they are mentioning not mature enough to handle such situations or PSIA is just showing that dreaded Filipino "crab mentality".

  4. oo nga napansin ko dami dito sa singapore it companies. this is because it pinoyz professionals are comparable to the indians. However in my company, napakadami pa rin ng mga pana.