Happiness in living a simple life in the Phils

Posted on: Sep 09, 2007

I know that this is not about Pinoys living in Singapore...but actually...it's ALL about Pinoys living in Singapore and about ALL the Pinoys who have decided to live and take citizenship in other countries to escape the extreme poverty in our "Perlas ng Silanganan".

Meet David Eric Poarch, a young man born to a Filipina mother and an American father. He was having the time of his life as one of the top students of his class and as a recipient of a scholarship in an US Ivy League college...yet he chose not to live this American dream. In 2006, to his parents disapproval, he decided to live a "probinsiyano" life in the Philippines without any financial support from his family --- only with his determination to find independence, happiness and meaning of life.

He has documented his simple Filipino life in his blog where he also explained in detail reasons for doing it. Watch ABS-CBN's interview of David:


  1. Bigla kong naalala sarili ko at ang buhay ko na parang kay David, nagiisip na umalis mula sa kaniya at hanapin ang sarili. Kakaiba nga ito... nasa kaniya na ang lahat na meron para maging tagumpay na siya, ngunit sadyang gusto pa rin niyang bumalik sa Pinas para mabuhay.

    Napaisip tuloy ako ng mabuti (tagos sa puso kumbaga) yung pagkasabi niya na mas gusto niya sa Pinas kesa sa US dahil masaya sa atin... mas masaya sa atin kahit mahirap ang buhay.

  2. Me, too! Actually it's really possible to live happily in PH. Just be simple.