Timothy Go

I first saw Tim in 2003 (I think) when I stumbled upon Prime Time Morning while taking one of our "lutong bahay" (a.k.a. tipid meals) na breakfasts. His surname is Chinese yet I knew instantly na Filipino sya.
Why nga ba ganoon that we can easily spot a Filipino in a crowd? Anyway, that's another topic to blog about! hehehe

Timothy is a Canadian-Filipino-Chinese and has been a news anchor, host, presenter and producer for Channel NewsAsia since 2001.

Current TV shows:
* World Today
* Asia Today
* That's IT

He, who calls the world ''his home'', is no stranger to a nomadic lifestyle. He finished high school in Manila then went to Vancouver to take Broadcast Communications and Journalism at Simon Fraser University and British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Later, got his first job in Canada, then moved to Washington DC, then Hong Kong, now finally, in Singapore.

Now, I've been wondering why Tim was replaced in that morning show... I really think he was better than the guy that replaced him. His personality gave that much needed life for a early morning show to keep viewers from going back to their beds. Today newspaper even noticed his heavy and expressive brows.

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