Old Malay Cemetery at Kampong Glam

For me, this is the scariest place in Singapore. It never fails to send chills down my spine everytime I pass by Victoria Street. It's so creepy...

Situated at the junction of Victoria Street and Jalan Sultan, founded between 1819-1820, it is the earliest Malay cemetery in Singapore. When Sultan Hussein and his followers settled in the area between Arab Street and Jalan Sultan, there was already a sea gypsy's village occupied by the Glam tribe. The Cemetery had probably been used prior to this period. The Sultan himself died in Malacca on 5th September 1835, but some of his relatives were buried in Kampong Glam. Mr. Tassim labeled this place 'Tombs of the Malayan Princes' in a map he drew in 1936.


  1. whoa, i didn't get to visit this one, sayang. where are other non-mainstream places of interest in SG? :)

  2. Despite SG's tininess, I still find quite a lot of interesting places beyond the usual Orchard area. Will feature more especially spooky ones as part of our Halloween special. So keep on reading & always drop by :)

  3. Sinabi mo pa... yup, I always see this one while passing by Victoria Street coming from Bugis junction. I better feature na rin some spooky places here sa Singapore. Good (and creepy) post here.