Filipino found dead in Whampoa flat

Posted on: Feb 03, 2008

Just finished watching News 5 Tonight. One of the headlines is the case of a Filipino found dead in a flat around Whampoa:

Filojfido Bernard Montemayor, 27 year old Filipino and unemployed, was found dead in his rented Whampoa flat. He was bare-chested and wore only a pair of shorts. His body was in a sitting position on the floor, his upper torso slumped on the bed beside him. It was a dead-on-arrival case. The police declared the case a murder. There was no blood around the body and the police would not say what kind of injuries the man had sustained, save that they were to his upper body. It is understood that he had bruises on his neck. The police also did not find any weapon in the flat, and had not arrested anyone by press time.

He is believed to be here on a social visit pass.

Neighbors said he lived there with another man and two women, all Filipinos in their 20s. The two women are said to be nurses at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, but it is not known what the other male tenant does. The four had moved in about three months ago, renting the five-room flat from a Singaporean couple.

A neighbor when interviewed said that he was sleeping when he was woken by sounds of a quarrel and furniture being hurled around in the flat just beneath his. According to him, the noise went on for about 20 minutes and he even heard a woman's faint cries for help.

Some neighbors said that they often heard the occupants arguing. Aside from this noise, there were occasions that the Filipinos would jam, or play music on their drums and electric guitars, in the evening, sometimes even till past midnight.

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