Biennale 2008 will feature 3 Filipino artists:

Site Specific Installation
Alfredo Aquilizan and his wife Isabel's ephemeral projects have been concerned with keeping the home, finding and defining identity, dealing with hardship of journey, orienting oneself in displacement, sensing presences in absence and accumulating memory. Alfredo and Isabel make use of everyday personal objects which are both abstract and referential as a metaphor for human existence.

Lena Cobangbang work deals mainly with memory, habits, mapping, film and other local popular obsessions. Apart from making art, Lena writes, was once a vocalist of an indie-band, and is also involved with the independent film-making circle doubling as production designer.

The Singapore Biennale is an international contemporary mega visual arts exhibition. It will feature 50 renowned international and local artists, who hail from various artistic disciplinary backgrounds. Audiences will be able to feast their senses on the multitude of art works and installations around key venues in Singapore.

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