Nat Geo's Pet Adoption Drive

Feb 17, 2012

National Geographic Channel recognizes efforts to increase public support for adoption of dogs, and will be holding the National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop.

When: 18-19 February 2012 @ 12-6pm
Where:  East Coast Park Dalbergia Green (between Carpark D1 and the beach)

Leveraging off its television programme, “The Dog Whisperer”, Nat Geo appeals to avid viewers, animal lovers and the general public to support this special event. Slated to be the largest dog-adoption drive in Singapore till date.

Nat Geo have invited dog shelters such as Action for Singapore Dogs, Animal Lovers’ League, Noah’s Ark and Gentle Paws to participate and present a total of 80 dogs per day with the potential to be adopted by the public.

This special event will also see a host of pet related talks and activities for the public and their existing pets to enjoy.
About Dog Whisperer:
Emmy-award nominated Cesar Millan with his uncanny ability to rehabilitate problem dogs of all shapes and sizes. With the major success of his hit show on National Geographic Channel and DVD, Cesar has captured the national spotlight as America’s favourite dog expert. Each episode of the Dog Whisperer documents the remarkable transformations that take place under Cesar’s guidance by teaching and helping dogs and their owners achieve happier lives together. Catch the Dog Whisperer, every Wednesday, 10pm. Only on National Geographic Channel, StarHub TV Ch 411.

About East Coast Park:
Please visit Natioanal Parks site.



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