Beware of the twin coins

Singapore's one dollar and Indonesia's 100 rupiah are so alike they can fool you!

Twin Coins
As reported by a STOMPer that happened at Pioneer Mall (Jurong).

"My friend bought drinks at the foodcourt. Our drinks cost $1.40 and so she gave the stall owner $5. The drink stall gave a change of a $2 note, a $1 coin and $0.60, and she just kept it in her wallet without looking," Merlin said.

"Then, after we left the mall, she realised that the $1 that was given to her was in fact a indonesian Rupiah 100 (equivalent to only S$0.016)!"

"After comparing to our S$1, we realised that both look similar. Just want others to beware and take note when people give you coins."

Indeed, given the similar colour, shape and design, right down to the octagon within the circle, it is easy to mistake the rupiah coin for a Singapore dollar coin.

Ok, now I need to check if my wallet has all original Singapore coins.
100 Rupiah